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My wife had a beautiful Rolex that continually lost time and even with numerous servicing's nothing corrected the problem. Through internet surfing for a certified Rolex repair company, we located Jeffrey at Rolex Doctor.

The watch has been repaired, cleaned and professionally serviced. Works like a Rolex should!

We were so pleased with the personal attention given to our need .... as though it was the only watch on earth to be repaired.... our confidence increased so much that we purchased another Rolex from Jeffrey. Our very special thanks! Ed Wovas
Date of Posting: 22 January 2015
Posted By: Ed Wovas
Retired Executive, Florida Keys
After 3 years of having my 27 year old Rolex Submariner repaired locally because it wouldn't run I contacted Jeffery. What a great person to do business with. He asked me a long list of questions over the phone about my watch and told me that he would make it run like it did when it was new. And he fulfilled his promises. My watch now looks and runs like it did when it was brand new. If you need your Rolex watch repaired by someone who cares and does excellent repairman-ship then contact Jeffery and send your watch to him. You'll be glad that you did. Thanks again Jeffery.

Richard Hewitt
Hillsboro, IL
Date of Posting: 20 January 2015
Posted By: Richard Hewitt
Retired Fire Chief, Hillsboro, IL
I only had my GMT-Master II serviced once in 26 years (not good). The broken down oils resulted in excessive wear on several key components. Among the things replaced were the mainspring, tube assembly and crown, chipped crystal, badly faded bezel, and a heavily worn stainless steel band. In addition it took Jeffrey four cleanings just to remove all the old oils.

The entire process took just over a month to complete with much of that time spent awaiting components from Rolex. I received my watch six days ago. It was immaculate! It looks as if its never been worn and keeps excellent time. I couldn't be happier. It has been a long, long time since I have seen such dedicated commitment to perfection in providing a service that exceeded all my expectations.

From my first telephone call to the Rolex Doctor until i received my returned watch, the entire process was hassle-free. I highly recommend Mr. Jeffrey Harris. You can entrust your Rolex to him with complete confidence. I really don't think there is a better Rolex watch repairman in the country with more experience and that will take the required time to painstaking ensure your watch is fixed exactly right!

A sincere thanks Jeffrey for a job well done!
Date of Posting: 21 December 2014
Posted By: Rick Gholson
Retired Airline Pilot, Fulshear,Texas
Jeffrey and his team are true artisan craftsmen! I have an early 2000 stainless and black Submariner that had never been serviced. I had researched sending it to the factory and even checked with a local Rolex dealer who sends them to their own watch team with a 5 - 6 month wait. When I asked Jeffrey why I should send him my watch, I was sold when he replied that he doesn't let young factory techs with no experience work on watches. Everything after that point was exactly as he said it would be and I'm not sure he gets any sleep at all! A pleasure to do business with and I will now get on a 3 year cycle so this watch can be passed down through the generations. Thank you for your expertise and experience!
Date of Posting: 04 December 2014
Posted By: Alex "Big Al" Vanderwerff
Government Program Manager, Huntsville, AL
We just received my daughter's mid size Rolex Yachtmaster back from the Rolex Doctor. The watch looks better than new! My daughter, an AF pilot is hard on her watch (especially after it served her well in Iraq & Afghanistan for four deployments) and besides having scratches, etc. the watch was inoperable when we sent it in. The repair was done promptly and the Rolex was returned to us when promised. I will be sending one of my Rolex's to Jeffrey for a tuning and cleaning after the holidays.I highly recommend the Rolex Doctor.
Date of Posting: 26 November 2014
Posted By: Bob Hofstetter
Live and play in Northern MI, United States
I called Jeff and told him about my 45 year old Rolex Oyster Datejust that I bought while on R&R during Vietnam war. My Rolex and I survived a war together just fine, but it had basically ceased to run several years ago. I really did not trust my local Rolex dealers, who all admitted they had to send it out anyway. I called Jeff and sent the watch down to him. He called and gave me an estimate for everything. Once he had it fixed, he called me and told me what he had found and had to repair. When the watch arrived, I swear it had not looked this good since the day I bought it in Hong Kong.

Jeff: I am taking your advice and will send the watch to you every three years. Thanks for a job done professionally and sending my old friend back to me looking so good and keeping perfect time.
Date of Posting: 18 November 2014
Posted By: Harry Gilliam
Ecommerce Business Owner, Round Hill, Virginia
I had a unique problem with my 46 year old Rolex. Loved my watch & didn't want to replace it. I contacted several people to get an estimate & found they didn't want to try to repair it. I called Jeffrey & described the problem. He said "send it, I'll fix it". He did a great job! It looks like a new one. Don't hesitate to let him repair your watch.
Date of Posting: 13 November 2014
Posted By: Fleetwood T .Lane
Real estate investor, Fairhope, AL
At first, I was a little reticent sending my precious Rolex to an Internet - based repair business. I got an immediate phone call when he got the watch, and an estimate that he kept. My watch had internal damage, and it was fully repaired and restored to its original condition- like new. Impeccable service. Very detail oriented when it came to shipping, insurance and delivery. I knew where my watch was and what was being done every step of the way. Friendly, easy to do business with. Better than the top end jewelery store that I used to work with.

Joe S.
Date of Posting: 09 November 2014
Posted By: Joseph Sisto
Project Management Consulting, Duluth, GA
While clearing my father's house, following his death, I found a very old watch which was in deplorable condition. A neighbor, grateful for my father's assistance, had given the watch to my father in the early 80'S. Although the watch face bore the Rolex emblem and the words "Oyster Perpetual", my father assumed it was a fake, a knock-off. Until the band broke, he wore the watch as an everyday work-in-the-yard watch. When the band broke he threw it into the back of a nightstand drawer. When I found it, the watch was encrusted with dirt, the crystal scratched to the point the dial was barely visible. Somehow, the watch did not "feel" like a fake. I took it to a local watch repair shop where they kept it for 6 months "trying to establish its authenticity". After retrieving the watch, I began a search for a reliable watchmaker who specialized in Rolex watches. I found Jeffrey Harris's web site, read the testimonials and decided to contact him. Very personable and extremely knowledgeable, Jeffrey impressed me as someone with whom I could entrust my father's watch. Within hours of our initial conversation, Jeffrey sent me a shipping label to send him the watch. He called me as soon as he had the opportunity to examine the watch. He confirmed the watch was not only authentic but an uncommonly large bubble back watch from 1949. He estimated the cost of the repairs and informed me the rejuvenation would be painstaking and time consuming. Indeed, it took Jeffrey several months to restore the watch. He kept me informed as to the progress. With great anticipation, I received the watch yesterday. It looks stunningly beautiful!! It is virtually impossible to believe that it is the same watch. Jeffrey is not only a fabulous watchmaker, he is an artist, an individual who loves his craft. To all those who read this testimonial in the future, know you can trust and rely upon Jeffrey to give your watch the most professional care possible. I now have a beautiful, keepsake to wear in my father's memory.
Date of Posting: 25 October 2014
Posted By: Julia Jacobs
Tampa, FL
A skeptic I was! Who would send in their Rolex to someone they met on the internet? From the first conversation to the last, Jeffrey was one of the most honest, professional and caring businessmen I've met. I couldn't be more impressed with the service and how beautiful my watch turned out! Thank you Jeffrey!!
Date of Posting: 10 October 2014
Posted By: Anne McGinn
Crystal Lake, Il

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