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Jeffery. Here is a copy of my Email to all my Navy SEAL buddies. Many of them have submariners. Hope it leads to some new business.


I just received my watch back from the Rolex Doctor. He did a fantastic job and I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for a reliable, reasonably priced tune up, cleaning or repair to contact him. The entire transaction was seamless using UPS. Jeffrey B Harris is the owner. He has been working with Rolex watches for over forty years. My older watch had not been cleaned or serviced in fifteen years. It was in pretty bad shape, broken crown, tube, crystal and bezel. Jeffrey personally takes care of every customer and will keep you advised of progress.

Much better than any jeweler can do.


Jeffrey B Harris
The Watch Store
8221 Glades Rd. #G101
Boca Raton, FL 33434

Best to All

Craig Marley
Lake Elsinore, CA
Date of Posting: 29 June 2015
Posted By: Craig Marley
Retired Navy Seal, Lake Elsinore, CA
Jeffrey and his crew worked magic on my 27-year old Rolex. As promised, it came back looking even better than new. Jeffrey stayed in touch throughout the process, and the watch came back faster than expected. Huge thanks to the Rolex Doctor, who will see my watch every 3 years for service, starting right now!
Date of Posting: 22 June 2015
Posted By: Kathy Lyle
CPA, Chagrin Falls, OH
Jeff: I received the watch yesterday as you promised. The watch looks virtually new...truly a remarkable amount of detail has gone into this significant repair and cleaning. It is working flawlessly. I'm very impressed with the results and the quality of communication throughout the transaction. It is a pleasure to do business with a master craftsman and an honest broker -and we'll do so again.

Kind regards, Don Murray
Nashville, TN
Date of Posting: 03 June 2015
Posted By: Donald W. Murray
Blackmon Murray LLC - Managing Member, Nashville, TN
My local Rolex technician declined repairs to my antique, vintage 55 year old Rolex gold Day Date watch with original, gold jubilee band because he claimed it was too old to secure replacement, original Rolex parts. After carefully researching the reputation and craftsmanship of Jeffrey Harris, I called him to discuss the watch and then decided to send it to him for care and restoration. Jeff advised me during our conversation that he had original Rolex parts for my watch in his inventory and would return the watch and band to me in “as new” condition when he finished with it along with a parts and labor guarantee.

After one month, the watch and band were returned to me this afternoon along with a list of all original Rolex parts used and a description of all work performed. The watch and band are now again in “as new” condition 55 years after they were purchased.

If you value your Rolex watch; competence, knowledge and experience, on-going communication and customer satisfaction, Jeffrey Harris satisfies each of these criteria. He is passionate about his craftsmanship, your Rolex watch and his customers. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that.

yours truly,
Abraham J Gale - Lawyer - Sarasota,Florida
Date of Posting: 08 May 2015
Posted By: Abraham J Gale
Lawyer, Sarasota, FL
This is the second Rolex watch that the Rolex Doctor has repaired for me. This second Rolex belongs to my son and it was not working so well. According to Jeffrey it was in really bad condition with rust inside. I received my son's watch back a few weeks ago and it looked like new, today my son came to visit and I gave him his watch back, he was speechless and had an expression of surprise. He never thought any one could refinish and overhaul this watch, but Jeffrey did an excellent job. Thank you so much Jeffrey. When I need your expertise in the future I will certainly contact you.
Date of Posting: 19 April 2015
Posted By: David Kwan
Retired Project Manager, Phoenix, AZ.
Dear Jeffrey,

Even as we spoke this afternoon and I hung up, the door bell rang not even 15 seconds later with my package as delivered by UPS. My Rolex President was packaged in four layers of protection, the first being a cardboard box with my watch wrapped and taped with bubble wrap, the watch was then contained in an envelope with descriptive nomenclature of the watch, my name, model of the watch, serial number, etc., then this envelope contained another envelope which finally contained my watch which was wrapped in another layer of bubble wrap and finally, my watch was wrapped in some foam tissue paper. The watch looked like it was brand new. I could not find even a sweat stain left on the band closure or between any of the band links. The case and bezel were polished as were the center connection links on the band. It was aesthetically perfect. I called Jeffrey back immediately to let him know the watch had arrived. He then took his time to walk me thru the basic initial windup of the movement (minimum 36 clock-wise winds), then re-setting the time, date and day in that order. The watch looks to be keeping perfect time (as it was certainly slowing down after 10 years of no service or cleaning), time will tell how well it's keeping time (no pun intended) in a few days. Everything Jeffrey said he was going to do, he did! He was very communicative, keeping me informed of his progress and potential delivery date. I cannot thank Jeffrey enough for the skills both he and his staff bring to reconditioning a Rolex watch. I would highly recommend him as the person to send your Rolex to for cleaning, repairs and reconditioning. The work is superb, the service is personal, and I will not hesitate to resend this watch back to him in 3 years for a tune-up and oil change!

Best Regards,
Glenn Dyson
Program Project Manager - Advanced Bio-Fuel Technology
Date of Posting: 27 March 2015
Posted By: Glenn Dyson
Program Project Manager - Advanced Bio-Fuel Technology, Dallas, TX
I have had my Rolex sitting in a box to long. The last time I sent it out, I sent it to Rolex directly. I refused to do that again, they were too expensive and they took too long.This time I wanted to find someone who I could trust, have confidence in and who would do a good job.

My Dad was a Master Clock Maker with a shop on 45th and 5th Ave in NYC, so I grew up with at least the basic knowledge of what goes into restoring a watch. He has passed on so I could not rely upon his expertise anymore.

After searching on the internet, I found several places that repair Rolex watches, so I started to call each of these places. None were giving me a level of comfort, until I reached and spoke with Jeffery “The Rolex Doctor”. I immediately felt a level of comfort and a sense of trust, for he was logical and making sense. I felt that he knew what he was talking about.

So we proceeded. He sent me shipping labels and Insurance to cover my watch in the event of a mishap. I packed up my watch with plenty of bubble wrap and shipped it out. A few days later, Jeffery called me; he had opened the watch, analyzed what was broken or gummed up and then proceeded to give me an estimate. The estimate was reasonable and fair.

To my amazement, the watch was done in less than 30 days. When it arrived, it looked just as it did when new. No sooner did the watch arrive, Jeffery was on the phone calling me to make sure that I was satisfied with what I saw as well as giving me some basic but welcome instructions.

This experience with Jeffery “The Rolex Doctor” has been a very positive experience. I will use him again and I will give his name to some of my other friends that are watch connoisseurs.

Klaus F. Broscheit
Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Date of Posting: 21 March 2015
Posted By: Klaus F. Broscheit
Consultant, Martha's Vineyard, MA
I don't know the inner workings of the Rolex but it runs great and looks good as new. What I appreciate is the user friendly nature of your customer service. Things were done in a timely manner, your instructions for shipping we're clear and easy. I dealt with you the whole time and wasn't pushed off to other people and I appreciate it and thank you Very Much I'm The Owner of MagiClean In Billings, MT.

Paul D. Knutson
Date of Posting: 24 February 2015
Posted By: Paul D. Knutson
Owner MagiClean, Billings, MT
Best Rolex Repair!

I recommend Jeffrey Harris 100%. He is very professional and a nice person as well. He spent more than an hour and a half explaining to me in detail exactly what he was going to do to repair my Rolex. I explained to him that this Rolex was very important to me because it was my mothers watch and she passed away. He promised me that my watch will be ready in 2 months (Jan. 15,2015) because of the amount of repair work he needed to do. He wanted to take his time with the dial restoration. I was pleasantly surprised when on December 31st Jeffrey sent me a text message saying "How Would You Like To Be Wearing Your Moms Rolex For New Years" and followed with some pictures of my mothers restored Rolex. I could not believe it was the same watch, It looked brand new! It was another Rolex! Thank you so much Jeffrey!

Please keep up your excellent service and never change the quality of your work. I will keep spreading the word of your excellent service and will keep taking all my watches to you! You have restored my faith in top quality service still being available. Thank you again.

Maria Romero
Ft. Lauderdale.
Date of Posting: 30 January 2015
Posted By: Maria Romero
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I received a GMT - Master I Rolex as a Christmas present back in 1999. For the next 5 years, I showered with it, swam with it, and rarely took it off. Finally, in 2005, I noticed that the watch no longer kept time. It had countless chips, dings, and I could no longer adjust the date or time. Frustrated, I purchased a cheaper watch and placed the Rolex in a drawer - where it sat for the next few years.

Fast-forward 10 years and I began to wear the Rolex sporadically for business meetings. I always received compliments on the style but was embarrassed to tell my co-workers that it no longer kept time. I finally realized that I needed to get it fixed.

Noting the expense of Rolex repair, I wanted to find someone who would restore my watch's functionality - but at a fair price. Using the Rolex Doctor was a no-brainer. He had already serviced the Rolex's owned by my father, brother, and wife. I was amazed at the work he was able to do with their watches and very impressed with the final product. These watches looked brand new!

The Rolex Doctor was very professional throughout the process. Considering the condition of my watch (it was never serviced in 20 years), he offered a very fair price. Four weeks later (today) I received my 22-year-old watch. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful it was when I opened the box in 1999. The watch not only works, but looks brand new. No more scratches or dings! I can't wait to show it off again.

To anyone who is considering luxury watch repair, the Rolex Doctor comes very highly recommended. Without question I will use him again in the future.
Date of Posting: 26 January 2015
Posted By: Whitney L. Smith
Health Care Consultant, Atlanta, GA

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