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I contacted Jeffrey regarding my Rolex that was in bad shape. He was extremely patient and helpful. Literally 5 minutes after our conversation, I had the mailing label. The day Jeffrey received my Rolex he called me and assessed the repairs that my watch needed. Admittedly, I had only had it serviced once. I took it to my local jeweler in Princeton and they sent it out for repair. I was so disappointed when I got it back $600 later and it still did not keep time!

I assumed I was the only person on the planet who had purchased a Rolex that did not keep time. So I gave up and never had it serviced again. Then I found Jeffrey and read all the testimonials. Like many of you, I was apprehensive about sending my watch out of state. After my conversations with Jeffrey, I had total confidence.

I received my Rolex this past Monday. It looks brand new and it keeps time to the minute! I keep on looking at my wrist in disbelief. Jeffrey is a master and I will ONLY have him service my watch. Jeffrey educated me regarding the proper care of my Rolex without lecturing me; he truly loves what he does.

AND within minutes of receiving my watch via UPS on Monday, he called me to ensure I knew the proper way to set the time and date. That is how much he cares.

I have to say I have not received this type of personal service and professionalism probably ever. If you have any doubts, run, don't walk, because Jeffrey will restore your Rolex just as he did mine.

Thank you Jeffrey.
Date of Posting: 10 October 2014
Posted By: L.A. Smith
Attorney, Princeton, NJ
Found Jeff on line, we spoke a long time discussing the problems I had with both of my Rolex's. I sent them down to Jeff and he then called me to explain what needed to be done on both. I now have them both back and am extremely impressed with his work. I will definitely be recommending him to family and friends and will use him again myself, as I have a wide variety of watches. Thanks again Jeff for all your hard work and expertise. Eric Day
Date of Posting: 02 October 2014
Posted By: Eric F Day
Quality Engineer, Aerospace, Savannah Ga
I let my poor Rolex lounge in a drawer for a few years, broken rusty and tired. In the past when I had it fixed I went to a jewelry store in Chicago and they would send it overseas and I wouldn't see it forever and it cost a fortune. So I let it sit....until I decided to do something about it and I found The Rolex Doctor on the internet. I researched my options, went to Better Business Bureau sites, scoured the internet and spoke to a few repair places. I ultimately decided that I could trust my watch to The Rolex Doctor. Jeffrey could not be more attentive, he made sure I understood EVERYTHING and he promised me my Rolex was safe with him and would come back as good as new. Well he delivered on all his promises, I knew when he received my watch, he called me with all the repair details (and there were a lot thanks to my inattentiveness!!!), he was always happy to answer questions and give me status of the repair. I received my watch back 2 weeks ago and its GORGEOUS, looks brand new, runs like a champ! So if you have a Rolex, if it needs a yearly tune-up (I WILL do that every year now) or a major repair you should not hesitate to deal with The Rolex Doctor!!! As long as The Rolex Doctor is around they will get my business!!!!
Date of Posting: 01 October 2014
Posted By: Lois Lloyd
United States
WOW!! What a FANTASTIC job Jeffrey did on my Rolex watch!! I am embarrassed to admit that I had not had my Rolex serviced for a long time and it was in serious need of repair and cleaning. After talking to Jeffrey on the phone, I felt entirely comfortable sending my watch to him. He was very patient in explaining what needed to be done and kept me posted during the process of what he was doing to repair my watch. He is an absolute professional to work with and I HIGHLY recommend him to repair or service your watch. When my next cleaning/service is due in 3 years, I can assure you he will be my go to guy to service my watch. NICE job Jeffrey ~ my watch looks brand new and I cannot thank you enough!!!
Date of Posting: 26 September 2014
Posted By: Candace O'Connell
Coeur d'Alene, ID
I have an older Rolex that had not been serviced on a timely basis and it ended up with water in it and much work needed on the watch. I researched a number of places and ended up calling Jeffrey off his site on the internet. Because of his knowledge, I decided to take a chance and mailed my watch off. Jeffrey was very patient with me and made me feel secure with the process. My watch is now working and looks new. Jeffrey, thanks so much. I will definitely use you again and send others to you.
Date of Posting: 23 September 2014
Posted By: Iris Thompson
Insurance Agent, St. Mary's, GA
Like most others, I was reluctant to send my 1958 Rolex Oyster Date to someone I hadn't met. However, after reading all the positive comments here, and after talking to Jeff on the phone, I was much more comfortable with having him check the watch and let me know what it would take to repair and refurbish it. Sure am glad I did!! Jeff called me once he received the watch and analyzed what needed to be done to make it look and run "like new". I was still a little skeptical that it would "look as good as the day I bought it" like Jeff claimed. When I opened the box and looked at my watch yesterday, I realized that he was absolutely right! He completely rebuilt and refinished the watch, and the face, hands, crystal and all look like it just came from the Rolex factory! Terrific job. It took almost 4 months for the overhaul to be completed, but it sure was well worth the wait. I'll be sending the watch to Jeff in a few years for the routine maintenance that needs to be done. If you have a fine watch that needs work, don't hesitate to contact the Rolex Doctor to get it done!
Date of Posting: 23 September 2014
Posted By: Jim Schavone
US Navy Retired, full-time RV'er, Sioux Falls, SD, USA
After 24 years I figured it was most likely smart to get my Rolex Oyster SS looked at, since it had black spots on the hands, scratched crystal, and it was not running properly. I collect watches, and have a really nice selection...but i really like my Rolex that I got for my 40th birthday as a gift. I am now 71 and I swim in a pool and the ocean regularly, I also go hiking regularly as well as still wear my Rolex to work. I looked on line for Rolex repair and The RolexDoctor came up, I called them and spoke with Jeffrey, I described what I thought was wrong with my Rolex and he sent me an insured ups label so I could send him my watch. He called me the day he received my watch and he described what the actual problems were with my Rolex. It took him over a month to complete the repairs on my watch.

I just received my Rolex back today Monday 09/22/14 HOLY looks like new, its beautiful, and it runs like new, talk about LUCK! I had no idea who Jeffrey was, but after the phone call from him explaining in detail what was wrong with my watch I felt good about him doing the repair for me. Now to see my watch it speaks for itself...thank you get what you pay for...I have the proof.....Rick
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Rick J Arlan
packaging/crating and shipping co., Tulsa, OK
I found Jeffery's watch shop "The Rolex Doctor" online, and read some positive reviews. But still, I was naturally hesitant to send my beloved Rolex off to an "Internet" repair shop. Well, I can tell you there was nothing to worry about! His service was excellent, his communication throughout the process was great, and most important ... the watch came back looking and working as good as new! Jeffrey is the real deal, and truly cares about his customer's satisfaction. My watch will be going back to him in three years for its regular tune-up and maintenance. Thanks again!!
Date of Posting: 22 September 2014
Posted By: Charlie Rohlfing
Madison, IN
I was Reluctant to send my Rolex Submariner to Florida for repair, but Jeffrey seemed so knowledgeable about my watch that I really wanted his expertise doing my repair. It took a little longer than I had hoped; in this world of next day service and same day pickups. Well I was way off when it comes to fine watch repair especially on a Rolex that had not been serviced in 18 years. Jeffrey was nice enough to return my repaired Submariner while I was on vacation, he had it delivered to my hotel. I have been very happy with the work he did (serviced, mainspring replaced, new barrel, and a new crystal) I love my watch, it looks great and works perfectly. Thanks so much. Please trust this business and Jeffrey. He does excellent work and knows what he is talking about and he answers your emails, cell calls, and texts you back promptly. All good here.
Date of Posting: 13 September 2014
Posted By: Jody Garcia
Family owned furniture business, amazing wife and 4 children, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
I was so hesitant about sending my Rolex to a stranger. My Watch was in bad shape, I dropped it accidentally and the crystal was shattered. I sent the watch the end of July and received it the other day. Jeff did a great job. I highly recommend him.
He was very thorough in explaining the cost and what needed to be done. My 10 year old watch looks brand new. Thank you.
Date of Posting: 10 September 2014
Posted By: Joyce Gross
Retired Properties Manager, Jamison, PA

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